Welcome to My Tape Archive

In the Fall of 2015, Doug Adams sent me four packages of cassette tapes. All recordings of bands we had played in since 1982. Some were done on a boom box in a basement or attic. Others were "tape to tape" attempts at dubbing for improved quality. I also had a lot of recordings in storage.

The goal of this site was originally meant to be a tool for me to organize the recordings. Digitizing the audio, photographing the cassettes & noting who played what. After the project grew to be larger than planned, I added functionality for filtering through the recordings using Laravel 5 and Vue.js . Different filter can be toggled, leaving only the relevent filters for your search. Displayed on the filter is a dynamic count of results for that particular filter. Selected filters can be shared from the URL as well as chosen song.
For example: Songs with Casio. Or songs with Doug Adams & acoustic guitar. A favorite of mine is anything with "spoken".
To reset the filters, select the "CLEAR FILTERS" button over the song results.

This is very much a work in progress and I will be adding more recordings as well as pictures. If there are any details about who played on what, please send me an email to correct it. I'm also looking for better pictures of some of the muscians on this. If you have any recordings we've done together and would like them included, send them along!